Worship Committee

The Worship Committee  meets to support our pastor in providing a great worship experience for our church.  Members of the committee may be involved with the choir, as ushers, keeping our sanctuary organized, preparation of communion, ordering flowers, as a pianist, organizing and training liturgists, or helping to choose hymns.  We also work with our pastor to prepare special services for Lent, Easter, Advent and Christmas.  We have had many lively discussions regarding the order of our worship service, the best way to serve communion, how many songs to sing in a service, and how best to make announcements and celebrate birthdays.  We welcome your input into the worship experience of our church.  Anyone is welcome to join this committee or attend the meetings. For more information, contact Phyllis Bishop, Chair.

Committee members: Phyllis Bishop, Jody King, Eula Strayer, Lynne Tabb, Barbara Saint Amour, Sondra Tuttle.