Adult Forum

Barb St. Amour leading Adult Forum discussion

Barb St. Amour leading Adult Forum discussion

The Adult Forum is a group of individuals who are sharing their spiritual journeys through studying and discussing a wide variety of texts. Sometimes we center on a book, led by one or more members of the group. Sometimes we take a field trip. Other times, a member or a guest will speak or lead us through a discussion that is not based on a book. What is wisdom? What did the Gospel of Mary Magdalene say? Who was Thecla? What are the history and the politics of how our Biblical Canon was created? What new understanding do we receive if we read the New Testament in the order the books were written? Who were tAdult Forumhe movers and shakers of the Reformation?

This group has covered a very wide range of topics and is open to anyone who wants to learn and share the journey. We believe it is very important to honor each other’s beliefs and let each person grow in their own faith in the path they need to take.

We generally have a new topic every four to eight weeks, and everyone is welcome to join at any time. We meet in the Home Office at 9:00 every Sunday morning. For questions, contact Mary Chandler at 783-0802 or Shannon Proctor in the church office, 783-2511.

Please join us at 9:00 on Sundays in the Home Office, 206 S. Sixth Street.

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