Open Hearts Outreach



The Open Hearts Outreach Committee is mainly concerned with mission and social justice issues.  In 2014, we have chosen to concentrate on one project each quarter.  The first Quarter of the year we participated in “United in Orange”, a competition between Denver area churches and Seattle area churches to see which area could raise the mot food for local food banks.  This project was done in conjunction with Community Sharing Center  and Westcliffe Super Market.  Westcliffe and the Community United Methodist Church collected 1,572.5 pounds of food for our local food bank.  In the competition, Colorado won hands down.

The second Quarter project is to work more intentionally with Community Sharing Center to help fulfill the needs of the poor of Custer County.  In the third quarter of 2014, we hope to recruit volunteers for a regional mission project.  An ecumenical Christmas giving project is in the works for the fourth quarter.

Members of the committee are Pam Bishop (Chair), Terry Rowenhorst, Bev Allen, Lissa Miller, Beth Green, Lynn Butler, Trish Leavitt.