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“What good is it to me if Mary gave birth to the Son of

God hundreds of years ago, if I do not give birth to

the son of God in my time and my culture.

We are all meant to be Mothers of God, for God

Is always needing to be born.”


-Meister EckhartGreeting,

Prayers of peace and comfort to you and all that concerns you.  I am loving this quote I shared, for some it may sound strange.  What Meister Eckhart is saying to us is that it makes no difference if the Son of God was born hundreds of years ago if I am not carrying his legacy with me today; creating new moments for spiritual intimacy through which God’s essence can be reborn into my current world.   It is our calling to nurture the life of Christ in new and culturally relevant ways.  This is can only be done by living a life of worship; being aware, acknowledging our needs, maintenancing our intimate connection to God, serving others and responding to the process of sanctification.

Worship Series on worship:

July 3rd  – Worship begins with Awareness

July  10thWorship Creates Connection

July 17thWorship Requires a Response  #Service

July 24thWorship Guides our Santification

 Our prayer is for God to use us everyday, to initiate moments in which the legacy, promise and love of Christ causes others to desire salvation.  Hold hands with me, envision a grand circle where our humanity connects as we are connected to the Divine.  Recognize our oneness and our differences will be no more.  Dance with me as we are all dancing the dance of life.  Recognize the similar tune and our dancing will be united.  Let us make new spaces for Christ to be born time and time again, in our very midst.

All are welcome in this place.  Come as you are, bring your pain, your joy, your gladness and your sorrow.  No one at this church is perfect, not even the pastor.  Come…our hearts await your presence.

Pastor Vette


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